Linda J. Armstrong

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About me

I have written, edited, or adapted more than 40 books, including a middle grade novel, magazine short stories, magazine articles for teachers and librarians, and a collection of contemporary free verse.


White Rocks area in the Colorado National Monument on a sunny morning in late April

A former Southern Californian, I now live in beautiful western Colorado near the Utah border. My husband and I love the four seasons. We hike and Jeep in red rock canyons and spectacular mountains all year long. No two days are the same.

I have neglected this blog for years, but I’m in the process of updating it and connecting it with my other blogs and pages here on WordPress, and elsewhere on the Internet.

For example, I have a site (also neglected) with the Authors Guild. It lists most of my publications and the ones still in print will have links when I update it.

I also take pictures and paint. I’ll include links to my royalty-free stock photo portfolios and my fine art portfolios as I have time.

Meanwhile, enjoy the archive of articles for writers I have shared in this blog since I started it long ago. I will add to the collection whenever I spot something new.

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