Especially for Writers of Middle Grade Fiction

I am working on a middle grade novel.  If you don’t write books for children, you might think that means a novel that isn’t as good as a top-grade novel. Actually, it means a book for young people in grades 4-6. The protagonist is usually 12, since eight-year-olds love reading about older kids, but few older children like to read about children who are younger.

It is an honor to write for kids this age. They have more time to read than they will at any other time in their lives. They also fall in love with characters and want to follow them through all of their adventures. The first Harry Potter book was a middle grade novel. So was Charlotte’s Web. Books for kids this age often concern one of the things I find most wonderful in life–friendship. They are also about justice.

The link below leads to a great blog just for writers of middle grade fiction.

Ten Things Writers Can Learn from a Quick Trip on the Titanic | From the Mixed-Up Files….


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