A Plum is a Peach, But I Prefer Johnny’s Seed

This is for my friend Lorrie, who is as much as an apple fan as I am. It is not new. It is from my 1995 collection “Early Tigers” (Bellowing Ark Press, Shoreline, WA)

A Plum is a Peach, But I Prefer Johnny’s Seed

If the subject

is seasonal delight,

I’ll defend

the Winesap

which gleams

red, white

and Washington-striped,

star of my centerpiece.


Its skin 

stretches around

such sweet

and juicy possibilities

like wit,

or something lower,



Oh say

can’t you see,

spring won’t be

around again

this year

and the plums

have turned to prunes?


Face it,

there’s something

to be said

for freshness

without a blush.

Toss me that globe

of red rebellion.

Freedom crunches

and spatters

like the first


of autumn.

copyright Linda “Gene” Armstrong

first published in Oxalis, collected in Early Tigers


If you are looking for ideas, write about:

  • a seasonal fruit or vegetable
  • apples
  • freedom
  • rebellion

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