Frozen with Fear or Having Fun? Just Let Go

Some people are struggling to come up with ideas for Picture Book Idea Month. I understand that the prospect of coming up with thirty ideas in one month can be daunting. Here’s some advice that might help.

I write educational materials. When I have an assignment, I have to generate at least a dozen ideas a day. It’s like the centipede–if he thought about walking, he couldn’t do it. Don’t think. Don’t worry. Those are forms of fear. Who’s going to see these ideas if you don’t show them around (not a good idea for many reasons, including, and especially, creative ones). They are just for you and they can be really terrible, so go ahead and write down things that are so dumb nobody would ever be interested in them.

Set a timer and write ten stupid ideas in one minute. Then, you can go ahead and write a “good” one for today. DON”T look at, destroy or erase the stupid ones.

At the end of the month, guess which ideas will be more original, fun, and exciting.

This is the voice of experience. It works for all kinds of creative activities.

Another hint everybody–get your sleep. Your creative mind works when you are sleeping.


One thought on “Frozen with Fear or Having Fun? Just Let Go

  1. This is all good! I think it’s important to keep some scratch paper or even better, a magic notebook—a little one—handy at all times, and a pen you never let anyone else touch. (Letting someone else touch the pen doesn’t deplete its magic power, but it does make it unlikely that you will still have a pen.) If your ideas know they’re welcome, they’re more likely to come.

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