Are Muses Just for Men?

Here is another Poetry month daily prompt site.  It is from Donna L. Sadd. Her suggestion today is to write a poem about the muse.

Well, mine is strange. When it comes to mythology, I can’t help considering the thoughts of Jung. Early poets and artists were usually men, and the muses are female all three or nine of them. (Often, real women filled those roles for artists, Sometimes, they even did some of the work and didn’t get credit for it.) I wonder whether the concept of a muse applies to female writers. Certainly, every artist enters the realm of something Freud called the unconscious, when time disappears and something else takes over. For me, this is a place/space rather than a person. Your thoughts?

#AprilPrompts – Day 2 – Muse – #NaPoWriMo | Donna L Sadd.





side of men,


daughter of



of memory,

and Zeus,

master of Olympus,

or a group


by Osiris

to seed


in its wake,

one and many,

on the wings

of their pet


they pull an

alternate progeny,

children of

image and

story, to rival


of blood.



  1. Thought provoking opening, and marvelous take on the prompt Linda. I agree, it’s more of a space in time where the words, like a fountain, flows. However, a muse was sent to me today, and I’m eager to ‘experience’ her kind help, though I have no idea what to expect-even whether I should expect a thing.

  2. Thanks for the poem and your thoughts. My muse has seldom been a person, if ever. It has often been a place or music. I’ll be re-reading this poem!

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