About “Warm-up Poems”

Warm-up Poems is a collection of spontaneous writings. When I am participating in an online challenge, I will post a poem here every day. At other times of the year, especially when I have a writing assignment, posts may be more sporadic.

Part of the purpose of this site is to share writing ideas. My prompts may inspire poetry, but many should also spark essays, short stories, or even novels.

I am a freelance writer and poet. My contemporary free verse has appeared in many quarterlies and one anthology. Forty pieces were collected in Early Tigers (Bellowing Ark Press, Shoreline, WA, 1995).

At that time I was writing and painting under the name “Gene Armstrong.”  That was exotic, but I have gone back to my plain vanilla moniker, Linda J. Armstrong.

I am proud to be listed by Poets and Writers.

For information about my other work, click links in the left-hand column.



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