The Role of Practice in Writing

Here’s a great blog post (I recommend subscribing to this blog, by the way) about the nature and value of writing practice. It doesn’t mean the same thing as morning pages, though those are valuable, too, for different reasons.

Does the Write Practice Work?.


Writing Advice Treasury from Jane Friedman

Here’s a treasure trove of articles for writers from an industry professional. If you want a personal writer’s conference without leaving home, take an afternoon and browse.

Jane’s Writing Advice Archive | Jane Friedman.

YA Debut Author Anne Blankman’s Route to Publication

How do you get published? The answer is different for every writer. Here’s one author’s story. Your route will not be the same, but you will pick up some valuable information about the road. Don’t forget to check out other interviews in this excellent blog’s archive.

Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire: An SAT with YA Debut Author Anne Blankman.

To Be a Successful Author, Use Social Media Wisely

I met this author on Twitter this morning. He offers amazing practical advice for writers. This post is about avoiding social media trainwrecks and it is a must-read for newbies to the social media scene. It’s good for veterans, too.

Take a look at this post, and the rest of his excellent blog by clicking on the link below.

The Social Media ‘Train Wreck’ That All Authors Must Avoid | Bestseller Labs.

Critique Groups and Grains of Salt

Critique groups, in person or online, are invaluable. They give you another view of your story and can find problems you wouldn’t have thought of. They also prepare you for facing an editor. They are not perfect, though.  Members of your group can only tell you what they would do with the story if it were theirs. You have to remember that it isn’t theirs. It is yours. Here’s an interesting little essay on the topic from Alayne Kay Christian.


Starting Your Writing Day

The post featured today lists some ways other writers shut out the world and settle in to work.  Everybody has different techniques. I must admit I have trouble with this. I need to develop a more formalized approach. I do fine once I get started, but getting started is not easy.

The Write Routine: Wednesday Writers Weigh In: Rituals of Preparation.

Using Meaning for Inspiration in Fiction Writing « Presents of Mind

Non-writers do not understand. They ask “where do you get your ideas.”  As you know, the real problem is much tougher. Which of the thousands of ideas you have banging on the door of your brain do you pursue? This article presents an engaging approach to this difficulty, and could bring you true success as a writer.

Using Meaning for Inspiration in Fiction Writing « Presents of Mind.