The Role of Practice in Writing

Here’s a great blog post (I recommend subscribing to this blog, by the way) about the nature and value of writing practice. It doesn’t mean the same thing as morning pages, though those are valuable, too, for different reasons.

Does the Write Practice Work?.

Best Business Advice for Writers: March 2013 | Jane Friedman

Every month, Jane Friedman publishes a wonderful collection of links containing the best business advice for writers. Here’s the post for March 2013, and you can access previous months from the same location. Use your time and money effectively! Take a look.

Best Business Advice for Writers: March 2013 | Jane Friedman.

Is Anxiety Holding You Back?

I know performance anxiety is a problem for me. Maybe it is for you too.

Click on the link below for some things to try.

How to Overcome the Anxiety That’s Keeping You From Achieving Your Goals.

Establish Effective Habits for Writing Success

Habits help us keep our complex lives in order and free our minds to handle unusual challenges.

Here’s a great little article about useful habits for writers by Kristi Holl.

Click on the link below and start building positive habits today. (Remember, it takes ten days to establish a new pattern of behavior, so be patient, but firm with yourself.

Writers First AidHabits: Anchors for the Writer’s Life.

My Agent Research Continues

From Fizzygrrl (couldn’t find her name), here’s a terrific post about some literary agents to follow. (Also check out Part One).

My Twitterville Agents-to-Follow Cheat-Sheet PART 2!!! – Fizzygrrl.

Maybe It’s Time to Send It Out

If you are waiting until your manuscript is absolutely perfect before you submit it to agents or publishers, you could be cheating yourself. Of course, rewrites and evaluations by others are important, but perfection is not possible. If your manuscript is the best you can make it, send that puppy out! Click on the link below to read a great post on the subject.

Yes, Your Submission Phobia is Holding You Back | The Review Review.

My Name Is Not Bob: How to Build (or Improve) Your Writer Platform in 30 Days

When November is over, and you have revised your manuscript, written your picture books, finished your sketches, and assembled your chapbook, you might consider working on your platform. Here’s a 30 day program from Robert Lee Brewer.

My Name Is Not Bob: How to Build (or Improve) Your Writer Platform in 30 Days.