Grr, I Hate that Agent

Most of us have received disappointing notes from literary agents. From an author who has been an agent, here’s some common sense and┬ácommiseration for the next time it happens.

Empathizing With Literary Agents | Nathan Bransford, Author.

Avoid Disappointment: Research Publishers Before Submitting

Before submitting to a new agent or publisher, take a minute to do some research.

Start by checking resources like Writer Beware. In addition, search for the name of the person or company along with the word “scam” or the word “complaint.” Of course, not all complaints are legitimate, but it’s usually easy to tell. If you are uncertain, ask around. Forums for writers organizations can be helpful, as can non-virtual contacts.

Writer Beware ┬« Blogs!: Happy Valentine’s Day from Writer Beware!.

Anthology for California Prose

Have you lived in California and had prose published about some aspect of life in the Golden State? Here’s an anthology opportunity for you.

Outpost19 Submission Manager.

Rocky Mountain SCBWI Fall Conference

If you are interested in writing children’s books and you live on Colorado’s Front Range, consider attending the fall conference of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. More information about the conference (this Saturday and Sunday) and the organization can be found by clicking on the “Home” link below.


path of a wordbender – Where Art Thou, My Query?

Do you need help with writing a query letter? Here’s a useful post with three great links.

path of a wordbender – Where Art Thou, My Query?.

Agent Advice: Holly McGhee of Pippin Properties, Inc. |

Agent Advice: Holly McGhee of Pippin Properties, Inc. |

Here’s another great blog from an agent. Many literary agencies now maintain blogs. They contain advice that can help you decide where to submit. They also offer specific instructions regarding submissions. These can save valuable time. Be professional. Always do your research before sending out queries or manuscripts.

Query Roundup 9/7 + An Opportunity | Confessions

Query Roundup 9/7 + An Opportunity | Confessions.

This article offers unique insight into an agent’s selection process. Fascinating reading for those interested in submitting either YA or adult fiction

Rites of Submission: Cover Letters and Query Letters

Rites of Submission: Cover Letters and Query Letters.

Great information from Mr. Underdown, a wonderful author, friend to writers, and authority on the market for children’s books.

Check it out before mailing off that query you are stuffing into an envelope right now.