Blue Moon: A Full Moon Poem for PAD, 2012

Here’s my Day 2 entry in the Poem a Day Challenge for 2012.

The prompt was “Full Moon.”

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  • Blue Moon

    It was still summer
    and still a little
    too hot to be
    out at noon
    here in the
    high desert
    of Colorado.
    We woke early
    and drove up
    to the edge
    of the city
    just below the place
    where the valley
    evaporates against
    the sudden edge
    of the Uncompahgre
    Plateau. Over
    the blue Grand Mesa
    to our right,
    the golden sun
    was rising, while
    to our left, over
    crimson cliffs,
    the blue moon,
    proud and full,
    was going down.
    In silence, we
    stood still
    beside our little
    car and felt
    the inexorable
    of the Earth.

Copyright Linda Armstrong, 11/3/2012. All rights reserved.

PiBoIdMo Day 2: Robert Weinstock’s Terminal Condition: Beginning « Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

Here’s a post that’s sure to inspire any literary or visual artist. It was written for picture book people, but it’s great for painters and novelists, too.

PiBoIdMo Day 2: Robert Weinstock’s Terminal Condition: Beginning « Writing for Kids (While Raising Them).

2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 1 | Matches Poem |

Here’s my first poem for this month’s challenge. Poets, add your own on the blog. At the end of the month, you will have a chapbook. See the blog for submission details and to read the work of other participants.

2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 1 | Matches Poem |

  • We’re a match,
    the two of us,
    you with your
    temper and me
    too tempered
    you with your
    careful pacing
    and me
    with my wild
    last minute
    We’re a match
    of seeming
    opposites, seamed
    so closely together
    that sometimes
    there is no space
    between us
    like sky
    and sea at
    sunset on the

    copyright Linda Armstrong, November 3, 2012. All rights reserved.


Frozen with Fear or Having Fun? Just Let Go

Some people are struggling to come up with ideas for Picture Book Idea Month. I understand that the prospect of coming up with thirty ideas in one month can be daunting. Here’s some advice that might help.

I write educational materials. When I have an assignment, I have to generate at least a dozen ideas a day. It’s like the centipede–if he thought about walking, he couldn’t do it. Don’t think. Don’t worry. Those are forms of fear. Who’s going to see these ideas if you don’t show them around (not a good idea for many reasons, including, and especially, creative ones). They are just for you and they can be really terrible, so go ahead and write down things that are so dumb nobody would ever be interested in them.

Set a timer and write ten stupid ideas in one minute. Then, you can go ahead and write a “good” one for today. DON”T look at, destroy or erase the stupid ones.

At the end of the month, guess which ideas will be more original, fun, and exciting.

This is the voice of experience. It works for all kinds of creative activities.

Another hint everybody–get your sleep. Your creative mind works when you are sleeping.