The Role of Practice in Writing

Here’s a great blog post (I recommend subscribing to this blog, by the way) about the nature and value of writing practice. It doesn’t mean the same thing as morning pages, though those are valuable, too, for different reasons.

Does the Write Practice Work?.


Prepare Now for Submit-O-Rama in October

I just found out about this today. It’s another monthly challenge. This one is held in October, just before NaNoWriMo. The assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to submit as many things as many places as possible in one month. Read all about it by clicking the link below. Start collecting resources, reading interviews, and saving submission sites now for maximum effectiveness.

our lost jungle: :Submit-O-Rama:.

Don’t Let Rejections Keep You from Writing or Submitting

I haven’t been rejected much lately, but just because I haven’t submitted much. I’m still working on my novel and I have a terrific assignment.

I’ve looked at my old picture book manuscripts, and most of them just don’t work for the current market. I have a new one that’s close, but I won’t have time to work on it this week.

Anyway, back to rejections. Everybody who sends work out gets them, even famous award-winning writers. I’ve come across some great posts on the subject that are worth sharing.

Thursdays with Amanda: Rejections Don’t Determine Your Worth as a Writer | Chip MacGregor .com.

The Only Person Like Him in the Whole Wide World

Here’s an author who has built a career on his very unique background and his amazing special interest. (I discovered him on Twitter this morning.) What is your unique set of interests? How can you share it in your books? Teodor Flonta: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle.

Establish Effective Habits for Writing Success

Habits help us keep our complex lives in order and free our minds to handle unusual challenges.

Here’s a great little article about useful habits for writers by Kristi Holl.

Click on the link below and start building positive habits today. (Remember, it takes ten days to establish a new pattern of behavior, so be patient, but firm with yourself.

Writers First AidHabits: Anchors for the Writer’s Life.

Follow Jill Corcoran’s Blog if You Write for Children

I met Jill Corcoran at a conference in 2012 and was very impressed. She is sharp, warm, and honest. Follow her blog for some great advice, or go to a conference to hear her speak. If you write books for children, you will not be disappointed, even if you have another agent.

Hello 2013.