Best Business Advice for Writers: March 2013 | Jane Friedman

Every month, Jane Friedman publishes a wonderful collection of links containing the best business advice for writers. Here’s the post for March 2013, and you can access previous months from the same location. Use your time and money effectively! Take a look.

Best Business Advice for Writers: March 2013 | Jane Friedman.


Amazon Buys Goodreads: What it Could Mean to Authors

Reviews now on Goodreads will be readily accessable on the Amazon site and on Kindle. If you are marketing your book, this could be good news for you. Alternative purchasing buttons are said to remain. Ultimate impacts of the marriage between Amazon and the popular review site are unknown at this point. (You don’t have to share your Amazon purchases on Goodreads if you don’t want to.) Click on the link below for more information.

Amazon Buys Goodreads: The Impact On Authors Book Sales | Bestseller Labs.

Don’t Use Discussion Forums to Pitch Your New Book

I do not self-publish, but this article about writers in discussion forums is  for everyone. Thanks for drawing it to my attention, Julie Hedlund.

Forum Etiquette: Selling Your Book in Discussion Forums? Don’t!.

Be a Confident Writer

I have learned so much since I started collecting and sharing blog posts here on One Way to Wonder. Writers are so generous on the Internet. As author Kristen Lamb points out in her blog, so are business gurus and publicity people. In this practical essay, she points out things confident and successful writers don’t do. Warning: you may blush.

7 Things Confident Writers Don’t Do | Kristen Lamb’s Blog.

A Primer on Pinterest for Authors

From Charlene Oldham, suggestions about using Pinterest to build an audience for your writing.

Network: How to Use Pinterest to Connect With Readers | Poets and Writers.

The Instagram Uprising is Just a Shot Across the Bow: Hello–Companies Are in this to Make Money

Here’s a warning that free services are not really free. You are paying for publicity, publication, storage, and more when you contribute anything online. Considering that these perks have real value, it is still worthwhile to post content of all sorts, but you should be aware that any of these sites can change their terms of service at any time. Be careful when posting recognizable photos of anyone, anywhere and think twice before using “free” cloud storage or exchange sites for potentially valuable original text. They might be okay, but I prefer external drives.

The Instagram Flap | Nathan Bransford, Author.

Facebook Pages vs. Profiles for Authors | Nathan Bransford, Author

If you’ve heard you need a Facebook presence, but you don’t want to bother with “friending” everyone or sharing personal information with complete strangers, never fear. There are some very easy ways to accomplish this. Nathan Bransford tells all in this pithy and practical post. You will be set up in no time.

Facebook Pages vs. Profiles for Authors | Nathan Bransford, Author.

One Difference Between a Facebook Page and a Blog

When I revived this blog, I just wanted to share some good links with fellow members of our local critique group.

I have a Facebook fan page where I share links of interest to writers of books for children and teachers. Unfortunately, some of my new friends are not on Facebook and I realized that it would be almost as easy to post the links here on my blog.

It all started well, but I have a way of “expanding” everything (including my waistline). I noticed that there was a WordPress feature called “reblog.” It seemed to be like the “share” button on Facebook, and I thought it would be a good way to get to know other bloggers writing on related topics here on the site.

A polite fellow-blogger on another blog I started here the other day (I told you I have a way of expanding everything) informed me that bloggers should ask the other blogger’s permission before reblogging. Oops.

Because of limited time and too many projects, I decided simply to take down all of the posts I had reblogged, so if you are looking for something I posted earlier in the week and find a 404 message, that is the reason.

From now on, I will just post links and comment on them. It takes a while to learn the local culture of any site. Some things are in the printed rules. Others, you have to discover through trial and error.

Fellow critiquers, if you decide to set up a blog here (something I recommend), this note might save you time and possible inadvertent offense.

The Golden Door By Emily Rodda – YouTube

Here’s a great trailer for a new book.

The Golden Door By Emily Rodda – YouTube.

I offer it for your inspiration!

The little film has much to recommend it.

  • effective
  • no actors
  • no location shots
  • no voiced narration

What can you put together for your book?

Blog Viewer – International Reading Association

Here’s a great article about starting or improving a blog. This week I’ve been busy updating and redesigning this one. Any help is appreciated.

By the way, if you are not familiar with the organization, the International Reading Association offers wonderful resources to educators. I have presented at their regional conference in Denver. It is amazing!

Blog Viewer – International Reading Association.