Using Styles in Microsoft Word

Okay, the site I am recommending here is about self-publishing, which I do not recommend, but this is an excellent article about some advanced features of Word.

Getting Started With Microsoft Word Styles for Book Layout — The Book Designer.

Reasons to Try yWriter5

I now use Scrivener, but I have yWriter5 too. You can transfer from one to the other by exporting your project. yWriter5 has some great features and it’s completely free! (though donations help the hard-working programmer).

QueryTracker Blog: Why I Use yWriter (Writer Software).

A Magic Idea Generator

Here’s a simple online program that will help you generate ideas. It takes a while to input words and phrases into your lists, but once you do, you have a custom random concept engine. As a writer, I added a list of interesting names, a list of feelings, a list of problems, and added to the places. When you are ready to create an idea, choose the lists from which you wish to draw, and then press the magic button! You can add or delete lists, words, or phrases at any time.

Give it a try. You will need to have some paper ready to write the ideas down. (It’s free. You just need to log in with your Google account.

Idea Chimp.

Free Novel Writing Software

I discovered this software while participating in NaNoWriMo a few years ago. It is almost too good to be true. It keeps track of your wordcount and scrambles your text for submission to the official NaNo site. More than that, it helps you write in scenes. It is a little more complex than Scrivener, but in some ways that is good. Right now I am using both. You can write in one, save the text as RTF, and paste it into the other. Each has advantages. It is, for example, harder to keep track of characters in Scrivener, but there is no corkboard for scene “cards” in yWriter5.

Ywriter5 is just for Windows, though. If you want to try it, the download link is below.

yWriter5 – Free writing software designed by an author, not a salesman.

Free Templates | Scrivener Writer

I have transferred two novels to Scrivener so far. If you are doing this too, you might want to look at these templates.

Free Templates | Scrivener Writer.

I must say I love the simple interface. I haven’t learned how to import web pages yet, but just being able to see the layout and dividing each chapter into scenes has been helpful. I can see that it’s going to make a huge consolidation and rewrite project feasible.

One Writer’s Review of the Software Scrivener

Here’s another look at that writing program you’ve been hearing about (well, I’ve been hearing about it.) If you are thinking of picking up Scrivener before NaNoWriMo, here’s a rave from another writer.

Scrivener – A review. « V. Kathryn Evans.

Why I Like Scrivener « Chris Martin Writes

I’ve hear many wonderful things about this software for authors. I’m using yWriter5 for my current novel, but this sounds tempting.

Why I Like Scrivener « Chris Martin Writes.