NaNoWriMo Is for First Drafts

NaNoWriMo Is for First Drafts

Here’s a great post about what NaNoWriMo is great for, and what it is not. It will help you create a first draft and get down unexpected ideas. A draft like that will need many revisions. Leave your finished work alone for a while at the end of the month. Then go back and start the work of reshaping, adding, and cutting that will make your story work.

Clear Your Head

Write three pages or 750 words a day. This is not for anyone else. It’s just for you. Think therapy or just a random brain dump. Check it out. It might just clear out emotional clogs that are keeping you stuck. Here’s the link:

The Importance of a Specific Audience

Don’t miss “One in a Million” by Kip Langello in the “Inkwell” column of the current Writer’s Digest. He reveals his secret for success, and it really is! It could save you years of frustration.

If You Ever Hit a Wall With Your Writing, This is For You

Here’s a great post from The Write Practice blog to help relight your writing pilot light, especially if you are a professional with deadlines.

How to Fall In Love With Writing Again.