If You Ever Hit a Wall With Your Writing, This is For You

Here’s a great post from The Write Practice blog to help relight your writing pilot light, especially if you are a professional with deadlines.

How to Fall In Love With Writing Again.


The Role of Practice in Writing

Here’s a great blog post (I recommend subscribing to this blog, by the way) about the nature and value of writing practice. It doesn’t mean the same thing as morning pages, though those are valuable, too, for different reasons.

Does the Write Practice Work?.

Get Into Your Writing Flow with a Personal Ritual, or Not

Authors (and other artists) often have rituals that move them into that creative “sweet spot” for each work session. Do you have one? Are you aware of it? Would having one help?

Click on the link below to read a post about the routines of some famous writers.

Writing Rituals: Routines and Strange Habits of Writers and Authors | Kellie Elmore.