From Cheryl B. Klein: Fascinating Observations About Writing Powerful Fiction

Check out these fascinating answers to uncommon, but vital questions about writing fiction.

Brooklyn Arden: Nine Questions and Answers About Writing.

Critique Groups and Grains of Salt

Critique groups, in person or online, are invaluable. They give you another view of your story and can find problems you wouldn’t have thought of. They also prepare you for facing an editor. They are not perfect, though.  Members of your group can only tell you what they would do with the story if it were theirs. You have to remember that it isn’t theirs. It is yours. Here’s an interesting little essay on the topic from Alayne Kay Christian.



Welcome to the Wattpad Workshop Series. | Wattpad Insider

If you are looking for inspiration and online writing friends, here’s a free workshop series (a new challenge every Monday, along with an archive of previous workshops) and a supportive forum where resulting writing is shared. If you’d like to take a creative writing class, but there is none nearby or your schedule precludes regular attendance, this could be perfect for you.

Take a look. The link is below.

Welcome to the Wattpad Workshop Series. | Wattpad Insider.