The Importance of a Specific Audience

Don’t miss “One in a Million” by Kip Langello in the “Inkwell” column of the current Writer’s Digest. He reveals his secret for success, and it really is! It could save you years of frustration.

Frank Exchange of Views

Here’s a daily poem suggested by the moderator of the NaPoWriMo event here on WordPress. There is a Scottish SF writer, Iain M. Banks, who has unique names for his spacecraft. The challenge today is to write a poem based on one of those names. There is a list in the NaPoWriMo Day 4 post at I liked “Frank Exchange of Views.”



Yesterday, while following

the whirring sound of sandhill

cranes, instead we encountered

a heron rookery in the making

near unlikely roaring traffic

and a slightly stale lake

three pair of birds, as

elegant as prehistoric,

danced past one another

by turns bending to

break branches from 

the teetering tips of

respective cottonwood trees

exchanging views of each

other while we gawked, cameras

in hand, from far below

feeling a little dishonest,

since we would not suffer

observation at such a tender

moment, but unable to 

uneye this timeless art.



Build an Online Presence Without Annoying Everyone

Here’s an interesting post about the uses of social media for authors. I agree with some and not others. What do you think?

Anne R. Allen’s Blog: 12 Social Media Mistakes for Authors to Avoid.

Why Not-So-Young Adult Readers Crave Teen Fiction – The Cut

Many writers have turned to YA fiction because it is carefully crafted on all levels. Readers have discovered this, too. This has some “adult” publishing folks scurrying to figure out what is going on. Certainly, there are, um, insubstantial YA books, just as there are light reads for the adult market. Not every book aspires to be great literature. Some stories are just fun. Here’s an article about “New Adult” fiction. This is an emerging and controversial idea. Read the article and see what you think.

Why Not-So-Young Adult Readers Crave Teen Fiction – The Cut.

Mitali’s Fire Escape: Andrew Karre on Editing in the “YA Boom” Era

What do you think about a new category of books–“New Adult”? It would be for ages 14-35. Here’s an article about the idea and reactions to it.

Mitali’s Fire Escape: Andrew Karre on Editing in the “YA Boom” Era.