Help Search Engines Find Your Blog

If you have ever wondered how web content can be optimized for search engines, here’s a good overview of what SEO is and how to create Search Engine Optimized content. If you find that you enjoy creating this kind of content, you can even turn it into a freelance writing specialty to pay the bills!

What is SEO Friendly Content – Content Written to be SEO Friendly.


Build an Online Presence Without Annoying Everyone

Here’s an interesting post about the uses of social media for authors. I agree with some and not others. What do you think?

Anne R. Allen’s Blog: 12 Social Media Mistakes for Authors to Avoid.

Building Your Social Media Community

Authors are told they need to use social media to build their platforms, but for most of us, that is easier said than done.

Click on the link below for some good advice from Sarah Nego.

Sarah Nego Writes: 3 Ways to Build Up Your Community.

To Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question

I love QueryTracker. They send the best articles to my inbox! Here’s one to consider from author Sarah Pinneo (

Click on the link below. It may apply to you.

QueryTracker Blog: The Case Against Blogging.

Becoming a More Effective Blogger

Just before National Novel Writing Month began, I launched a personal campaign to integrate my far-flung online presence. It has been fun, and I have met some wonderful new people.

I am also learning slowly how to use this site to greater advantage. Here are three blogs about blogging I am going to start following. Take a look. You may want to follow them to.

3 Bloggers Every Serious Blogger Should Be Following | Michael Hyatt.

One Difference Between a Facebook Page and a Blog

When I revived this blog, I just wanted to share some good links with fellow members of our local critique group.

I have a Facebook fan page where I share links of interest to writers of books for children and teachers. Unfortunately, some of my new friends are not on Facebook and I realized that it would be almost as easy to post the links here on my blog.

It all started well, but I have a way of “expanding” everything (including my waistline). I noticed that there was a WordPress feature called “reblog.” It seemed to be like the “share” button on Facebook, and I thought it would be a good way to get to know other bloggers writing on related topics here on the site.

A polite fellow-blogger on another blog I started here the other day (I told you I have a way of expanding everything) informed me that bloggers should ask the other blogger’s permission before reblogging. Oops.

Because of limited time and too many projects, I decided simply to take down all of the posts I had reblogged, so if you are looking for something I posted earlier in the week and find a 404 message, that is the reason.

From now on, I will just post links and comment on them. It takes a while to learn the local culture of any site. Some things are in the printed rules. Others, you have to discover through trial and error.

Fellow critiquers, if you decide to set up a blog here (something I recommend), this note might save you time and possible inadvertent offense.

The Official SCBWI Blog: KidLitCon 2012

Are you planning to attend? Find out here about a conference for people who blog about children’s literature.

The Official SCBWI Blog: KidLitCon 2012.