Barry Goldblatt Represents Books for Children and Young Adults

An interview with Barry Goldblatt. He will be at Pikes Peak next weekend!

Literary Rambles: Agent Spotlight: Barry Goldblatt.

From Cheryl B. Klein: Fascinating Observations About Writing Powerful Fiction

Check out these fascinating answers to uncommon, but vital questions about writing fiction.

Brooklyn Arden: Nine Questions and Answers About Writing.

From Editor and Author Cheryl Klein: A Plot Checklist for Revision

I’m putting together materials for our local SCBWI group’s April Revision Workshop. One of my favorite revision gurus is Cheryl Klein. If you don’t already have it, pick up a copy of Second Sight: An Editor’s Talks on Writing, Revising, & Publishing Books for Children and Young Adults. Until it arrives, or even if you already have it, download this helpful plot checklist. The site even has a Word template! » Plot Checklist.


Bookmark Kids’ Writer Daily Update

Here’s an online newspaper for writers of books for children and young adults. It updates itself every day from my special Twitter list of agents, editors, and famous authors. Today’s issue includes new agents representing children’s books, helpful hints, and industry updates. There is also an archive, if you want to check past issues.

You can even create a paper of your own. It’s the most convenient way to catch relevant information from the captivating stream of information on social media sites.

To take a look, click on the link below.

Kids’ Writer Daily Update.

A Hundred Children’s Books Selected by the New York Public Library

If you write books for children, you won’t want to miss this post from the New York Public Library. Here are their lists of the very best books. Pick some of them up at your local library and settle in for some delightful afternoons.

Children’s Books 2012: 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing | The New York Public Library.

Make a Dummy to Perfect Your Picture Book Manuscript

If you have a list of ideas for picture books and are wondering what to do next, or if you have a picture book manuscript that has been rejected, here’s an excellent article about making a picture book dummy. It will help you check your structure and correct common problems.

Post-PiBoIdMo Day 4: Wendy Martin Makes a Dummy « Writing for Kids (While Raising Them).

An Interview with Meg Rosoff

I’m not going to SCBWI’s winter conference in New York this year, but I am still going to follow the conference blog. Here’s an interview from the keynote speaker, Meg Rosoff.

Meg Rosoff: ‘Writers are naturally questioning, fairly dark people’  – Martha Brockenbrough – author – martha brockenbrough – author.

An Interview with Literary Agent Rachel Orr

Here’s an interview with another literary agent who represents writers of books for children. I’ve heard through the virtual grapevine that she gives great presentations about that elusive quality, voice, at writers conferences. If you get a chance to hear her, take advantage.

In this post, she talks about some special picture books and why she finds them special.

Coffee & Conversation with Rachel Orr! « As the Eraser Burns.