Draw Readers to Your Books with an Author Brand

Today, the Bestseller Labs blog features seven great ways to build an author brand. If you think about how often you buy the next book by an author you love, you will know this is true! Click on the link below to read the post.

How To Attract Readers By Creating A ‘Lighthouse’ Author Brand | Bestseller Labs.

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Literary Rambles: Agent Spotlight: Kate Schafer Testerman

I met Kate Testerman at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference. She is actively seeking clients. Click on the link to read about her background and interests.

Literary Rambles: Agent Spotlight: Kate Schafer Testerman.

Find Out About High Concept in this Article by James Bonnet

Everyone wants a high concept project these days, whether it is novel, easy-read, or picture book. This has been the rule in Hollywood for a long time. If you are curious about what this term really means, here’s some information from an expert, James Bonnet.

Conquering The High Concept.