A “New Arrival” Poem for Day 1 of Poetry Month, 2013


Today is the first day of National Poetry Month! Today’s prompt on Robert Brewer’s blog asks for a “New Arrival” poem. Visit the link below to post your own. Mine is below.

2013 April PAD Challenge: Day 1 | Write a Poem a Day Until May | WritersDigest.com.



on spare branches

against storm-darkened

sky, tiny

leaves glow,

immortal green,

on globe willows;

not there


dusty next week,

they spring

from nowhere,

expected but


miraculous as morning

or the word


Celebrate World Read Aloud Day with a Virtual Food Fight

If you have time and want to have some fun, join the food fight!

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Enter the Castaways Poetry Competition

If you are looking for a challenge or for inspiration, check out the rules for this free poetry competition. Poems are to be based on sculptures in the city’s collection. Submissions are via email.

City of Rockingham – Castaways.

Submit a Pitch to Amazon’s Fiction Competition–Hurry!

Click the link below to find out about Amazon’s annual novel contest. For the first round, you can only submit a pitch.

The 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest.

Legitimate Poetry and Writing Contests

Legitimate Poetry and Writing Contests.

Writing contests may or may not shorten your path to publication. If you win a legitimate one, it can add sparkle to your resume. Unfortunately, too many are just ways to raise money for the clubs that sponsor them.

Google the contest name and “scam” before you submit.

The link at the top of this post leads to an article that  lists a few good contests. At least one has a deadline coming up soon.

Check the websites for submission details and follow all rules to the letter. Judges may (or may not) look for any excuse to toss out entries. It cuts down their reading time. To be fair, in their place, you probably would too.

Good luck!