Literary Rambles: Agent Spotlight: Kate Schafer Testerman

I met Kate Testerman at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference. She is actively seeking clients. Click on the link to read about her background and interests.

Literary Rambles: Agent Spotlight: Kate Schafer Testerman.

What’s New in Children’s and YA Publishing

Harold Underdown recommends this excellent post summarizing trends in juvenile publishing from a panel at the recent American Book Producers Association conference.

Changes and Trends in Children’s and YA Publishing: An ABPA Panel.

Prologue in Fiction | The Editor’s Blog

From an editor, here’s a well-thought-out post on the pros and cons of prologues from a contemporary point of view. It starts with the pros. which, if you have used one, you already know. Keep reading. You may need yours, but you do need to know why they are less common in contemporary fiction than in works written 30, 40, 0r 50 years ago.

Prologue in Fiction | The Editor’s Blog.


#AprilPrompts – Day 4 – Sin – #Haiku – #NaPoWriMo | Donna L Sadd

Okay, with this one, I am caught up for Day 4. Whew! Donna L. Sadd asks us to write a poem about sin. Wow, that lady can come up with them, can’t she? If you want to read the contributions of her community and/or write one of your own, here’s the link:

#AprilPrompts – Day 4 – Sin – #Haiku – #NaPoWriMo | Donna L Sadd.

Here’s mine:


It was original,

there right from

the start, embedded

in clay scooped

from the creekbed

in Eden’s garden,

that inability

to resist the temptation

to defy authority,

do the denied, and

then lie, covering

everything up with

strategic leaves,

making alternative

arrangements as

the Creator laughed

softly behind His

hand, pretending

to be angry, sending

his charges out

into the rest

of the world to be

the restless souls

He had always


2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 8 : Poetic Asides • Page 2 • Writing Forum |

Robert Brewer’s poetry prompt today is brilliant. It could inspire a whole book.

Write an answer to a question or provocative statement posed by a dead poet. 

Isn’t that great? Because posting comments to his blog can be challenging (a nonsensical error message pops up), he is setting up a separate thread for each day’s poems on the WD forum.

Forgive me, but I am really proud of the one I came up with today! You can find it, and responses from other members of our community by following the link below. Don’t forget to post your own, too. I’ve posted my poem below the link here if you want to read it without clicking.

2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 8 : Poetic Asides • Page 2 • Writing Forum |

Mar-ga-ret, Gerard Has Just Forgotten

the man has
been inside
too long
to remember
the joys
of running
barefoot in dewy
July grass
under the long
sun or swimming
in a mild pond
with laughing
friends who
don’t want anything
but fun. He
sees you crying
as leaves
fall down
and tries to stop
your tears
with a flood
of verbal invention,
but he even
makes your name
fall a syllable
at a time
like leaf-meal
flutter. Go ahead
and grieve, child.
Then, stand
outside, open
your mouth
catch snowflakes
on your tongue.