2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 12 | New Technology Poem | WritersDigest.com

Today’s prompt on the PAD blog is about technological innovation. This is kind of spooky, because while eating breakfast, my husband and I watched a documentary about Howard Hughes, who, like Henry Ford, changed the entire world with his inventions. Before something can be created, someone must realize that it is needed. November is a great month for ideas. What can you come up with? Read today’s works on the the blog (link below) and then add your own. Nothing is too outrageous. I wrote three! Couldn’t help myself. One of them is here below the link.

2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 12 | New Technology Poem | WritersDigest.com.




The teacher monitors

each twenty minutes

the students spend

on scheduled lessons,

each designed to build

on the last and all moving

at different speeds

like cars on a long highway

headed for the same

destination, and then the

machines shut off

and the students

have a discussion

about what it means

to be human in a world

where there is so much

to learn and so much

to love.

copyright Linda Armstrong, 11/12/2012. All rights reserved.

Return of the Library Dragon | Anastasia Suen’s Blog

Check out a review of this very clever picture book, and then read a fascinating interview with its editor, Margaret Quinlin. She discusses picture book development from a different perspective. Anastasia Suen is a terrific picture book author and she reviews books in her blog. If you are interested in this genre, it is a good idea to subscribe.

Return of the Library Dragon | Anastasia Suen’s Blog.