Effective Ways to End Your Book or Story

So, the ending of your book isn’t working and you don’t know what to do. This post from veteran author Rob Sanders might be just what you need.

Click on the link below:

Picture This!: Effective Endings.

Find Out About High Concept in this Article by James Bonnet

Everyone wants a high concept project these days, whether it is novel, easy-read, or picture book. This has been the rule in Hollywood for a long time. If you are curious about what this term really means, here’s some information from an expert, James Bonnet.

Conquering The High Concept.


Get Ready for the New LinkedIn

LinkedIn, as you know, is an important way to connect with other professionals. They are about to change their look, and there are some things we need to do to optimize the effectiveness of our presence there. The link below leads to an excellent, detailed article.

Preparing for the New LinkedIn Design, How to Optimize Your Page and Profile | Social Media Examiner.

Becoming a More Effective Blogger

Just before National Novel Writing Month began, I launched a personal campaign to integrate my far-flung online presence. It has been fun, and I have met some wonderful new people.

I am also learning slowly how to use this site to greater advantage. Here are three blogs about blogging I am going to start following. Take a look. You may want to follow them to.

3 Bloggers Every Serious Blogger Should Be Following | Michael Hyatt.

The Golden Door By Emily Rodda – YouTube

Here’s a great trailer for a new book.

The Golden Door By Emily Rodda – YouTube.

I offer it for your inspiration!

The little film has much to recommend it.

  • effective
  • no actors
  • no location shots
  • no voiced narration

What can you put together for your book?