How to Write a Chapter Book from an Expert

Interested in writing for children? Don’t miss this great post on literary agent Jill Corcoran’s blog. While you’re there, check out other useful information for writers. I have heard her speak at conferences. Writers who have her as an agent are very lucky. She is warm, honest, and experienced.

#WritingTips Raffle Editor Jen Arena’s Expert Advice on Writing Chapter Books Win a Copy of Jen’s 100 SNOWMEN.


Gender in Picture Books

Gender in Picture Books

When we write, we influence people, especially when the writing is fiction and readers are looking for entertainment, not attitudes or other subjective content. This is especially true with children. As writers, we have to consider the subtle cultural messages we are reinforcing with our tales. We have unusual opportunities and it is our responsibility to at least think about what we are saying. Sometimes when we do, we don’t even agree with ourselves!

How to Structure a Picture Book

How to Structure a Picture Book

Even if you have not signed up for Julie Hedlund’s fantastic 12 x 12 (Twelve picture book manuscripts in twelve months) program, you can benefit from her line-up of featured authors, editors, and agents. First up this year, author and consultant Emma Walton Hamilton offers a super mini-course in picture book construction. If you have a manuscript, or just an idea, take a few minutes to read it. You won’t be sorry.

The CBI Clubhouse – The Community for Children’s Book Writers » Writing Picture Books, Easy Readers, Young Adult Books and More!

If you want to write books for children, this is a website and community you should know about. It can save you years of frustration. It offers both perennial advice and the latest information about this very special market.

The CBI Clubhouse – The Community for Children’s Book Writers » Writing Picture Books, Easy Readers, Young Adult Books and More!.

path of a wordbender – Where Art Thou, My Query?

Do you need help with writing a query letter? Here’s a useful post with three great links.

path of a wordbender – Where Art Thou, My Query?.

Suzanne Lieurance – Children’s Author – Freelance Writer – Writing Coach

Suzanne Lieurance – Children’s Author – Freelance Writer – Writing Coach.

This author’s blog has some great information for anyone interested in writing for kids. It’s also a very good example of an effective writer’s page.

Note: Ms. Lieurance saw this post and thanked me for it. She offered a great suggestion for improving my blog. (It did not have my name on it.) This is another example of good practice.

Thank you, Suzanne!

Anastasia Suen’s Blog | Booktalking #kidlit

Anastasia Suen’s Blog | Booktalking #kidlit.

Anastasia Suen is a terrific writer and she really knows the children’s book field. I highly recommend her book Picture Writing: A New Approach to Writing for Kids and Teens. There are a lot of great books on writing for kids, but hers is one of the most creative. Her blog is a treasure trove for teachers and librarians as well as writers for children.