Oops! There’s Nothing Wrong with Your Character

I am sharing this here because I want to be able to find it again myself. It is a great chart of facinating flaws for story people.

123 Ideas for Character Flaws – Writers Write.

Is Anxiety Holding You Back?

I know performance anxiety is a problem for me. Maybe it is for you too.

Click on the link below for some things to try.

How to Overcome the Anxiety That’s Keeping You From Achieving Your Goals.

Effective Ways to End Your Book or Story

So, the ending of your book isn’t working and you don’t know what to do. This post from veteran author Rob Sanders might be just what you need.

Click on the link below:

Picture This!: Effective Endings.

All About Early Readers and Chapter Books

Curious about the early reader and chapter book market? Click on the link below for the nuts and bolts.

Kidlit · The Early Reader and Chapter Book Market.

Twenty Rules to Improve Your Writing

From Julie Hedlun’s great blog, here are Jane Yolen’s 20 rules of Writing.

Don’t miss these easy ways to improve your work.

Jane Yolen’s 20 Rules of Writing | JulieHedlund.com.

Writing Advice: Take What Fits You and Leave the Rest

On this blog, I offer links to all sorts of writing advice. Here is some solid information from Susan Adrian about how to use what is offered.

Susan Adrian: Notes on Writing Advice.

Avoid Predictable Rejections: Don’t Give Them an Easy Excuse

As you plan submissions for the new year, here are some things to check.

6 Reasons Editors Will Reject You | WritersDigest.com.

How to Time Your Queries to Agents

December is not a great time to submit manuscripts or queries.

I understand. You have time because you are on vacation.

Unfortunately for you, agents and editors are on vacation, too.

There is good news, however. The holidays are a terrific time to plan and schedule submissions.

We are lucky to have access to a wealth of information from agents themselves. Their blogs are all over the Net. Many of them are also on Twitter.

It’s like a writer’s conference in your office. Here’s an example.

Getting Past the Gatekeeper: The Middle Way: A new method of timing your queries.