How to Structure a Picture Book

How to Structure a Picture Book

Even if you have not signed up for Julie Hedlund’s fantastic 12 x 12 (Twelve picture book manuscripts in twelve months) program, you can benefit from her line-up of featured authors, editors, and agents. First up this year, author and consultant Emma Walton Hamilton offers a super mini-course in picture book construction. If you have a manuscript, or just an idea, take a few minutes to read it. You won’t be sorry.


How to Use Ideas from Real Life in Stories

Use real life to inspire your stories. Here’s a great post about how to do that.

Turning Your Anecdote into a Short Story: Part 1 | WritingCompanion.

Children’s Book Illustration Insight from Jerry Pinkney

From Tanja Bauerle, children’s book illustrator a report on a session by Jerry Pinkney at the Tucson Festival of Books. Some great hints and inspiration.

Tucson Festival of Books Recap – Jerry Pinkney – Tanja Bauerle | Tanja Bauerle.

What’s in a Name? Everything!

The heart of a great story is a great character. A rose may be a rose may be a rose, but a character’s name is very important. Consider how much Harry’s name tells us about young Potter. Here’s a handy guide for naming characters.

How to Name Your Characters.

Your Personal Treasure Trove of Great Ideas

Don’t lose another great idea. Keep a writer’s notebook.

Picture This!: Creating a Writer’s Notebook.

Check Out This Goldmine for Story Patterns and Ideas

If you write fantasy or books for children, here’s a treasure trove of information. It lists the categories of folktales. You can plug the descriptions into Google and find examples in a wink.

Aarne–Thompson classification system – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Susanna Leonard Hill: Welcome To Summer Short And Sweets!!!

I found this wonderful site through the Picture Book Idea Month Facebook page. It is from a summer challenge that lasted eight weeks. That means you can check out seven more of these delightful idea machines! If you are in need of wild fiction inspiration, click on the link below and you are sure to find help.

Susanna Leonard Hill: Welcome To Summer Short And Sweets!!!.

Make Your Next Reading a Success

If you’ve been invited to read your work, you might want to read this post first. It will help you make a great impression.

Click on the link below.

Five Common Mistakes Writers Make When Presenting Their Work | Emma Walton Hamilton.