Barry Goldblatt Represents Books for Children and Young Adults

An interview with Barry Goldblatt. He will be at Pikes Peak next weekend!

Literary Rambles: Agent Spotlight: Barry Goldblatt.

Why Poetry Endures: An Interview with James Galvin

A number of years ago I was fortunate to attend a seminar with James Galvin at Centrum, the Port Townsend writer’s conference. Here is his take on the reason to write poetry.

The Pleasure of Ideas – Spectator@IOWA – Monthly News for UI Alumni and Friends – The University of Iowa.


An Interview with Caryn Wiseman

Here’s an interview with another agent who represents books for children. She is still with the Andrea Brown Literary Agency. Submission guidelines and recent deals are on the agency’s site.

Most Popular Posts 2010 – Caryn Wiseman – Andrea Brown Literary Agency – Tales from the Rushmore Kid.

An Interview with Author Jane Yolen | Books

Here’s a fascinating interview with Jane Yolen. She discusses, among other things, folklore and “fakelore.” If you’re curious about the difference, click on the link. As writers, whether knowingly or not, we churn up the story material of previous generations, and the study of traditional stories is a very good idea.

An Interview with Author Jane Yolen | Books.

Interview with Linda Arms White, Picture Book Author

What makes a picture book timeless? Here’s an interview with Linda Arms White with some answers.

Linda Arms White: November 12 x 12 Featured Author |

Illustrator Saturday – Lisa Anchin « Writing and Illustrating

Inspiration for Picture Book Idea Month! Here’s an interview with Lisa Anchin.

Illustrator Saturday – Lisa Anchin « Writing and Illustrating.