An Interview with Literary Agent Rachel Orr

Here’s an interview with another literary agent who represents writers of books for children. I’ve heard through the virtual grapevine that she gives great presentations about that elusive quality, voice, at writers conferences. If you get a chance to hear her, take advantage.

In this post, she talks about some special picture books and why she finds them special.

Coffee & Conversation with Rachel Orr! « As the Eraser Burns.


Chip MacGregor Tells You What Literary Agents are Looking For

Writers always ask agents what they are looking for. Here are some answers on Chip MacGregor’s blog.

Click on the link below to read.

What is an agent looking for? | Chip MacGregor .com.

Grr, I Hate that Agent

Most of us have received disappointing notes from literary agents. From an author who has been an agent, here’s some common sense and commiseration for the next time it happens.

Empathizing With Literary Agents | Nathan Bransford, Author.