All About Early Readers and Chapter Books

Curious about the early reader and chapter book market? Click on the link below for the nuts and bolts.

Kidlit · The Early Reader and Chapter Book Market.

Help for Your New Year’s Submission Resolutions

I use Query Tracker. (I have a subscription, but there is a free version.)

I have not heard of Duotrope, but I gather that many writers use it and are happy with it. Starting in January, you will need a subscription. I suspect that many sites that have been free will be adopting this model soon.

The blog post below is the first in a series evaluating whether or not the $50 annual toll will be worth the return. In this first installment, Nathaniel Tower includes a useful Excel template for tracking submissions.

Is a Duotrope Subscription Worth the Cost? Part One: The Submissions Tracker « Write, Juggle, Run.