Nonfiction vs Fiction for the Story You Have to Tell

Here’s a great post from “The Write Practice” blog about a basic decision. When you have something to share with the world, should you choose fiction or nonfiction? Click on the link below to read the advantages and disadvantages for each.

Should You Write Nonfiction or Fiction?.


What’s New in Children’s and YA Publishing

Harold Underdown recommends this excellent post summarizing trends in juvenile publishing from a panel at the recent American Book Producers Association conference.

Changes and Trends in Children’s and YA Publishing: An ABPA Panel.

The Only Person Like Him in the Whole Wide World

Here’s an author who has built a career on his very unique background and his amazing special interest. (I discovered him on Twitter this morning.) What is your unique set of interests? How can you share it in your books? Teodor Flonta: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle.

Learning the Art of Description from Elegant Nonfiction

I am reading the following article in The New Yorker. It brings Sandy’s aftermath on Staten Island into sharp focus. It is worth study by any writer struggling with descriptions of  people, places, or events. Details are spare and perfectly selected. Similes and metaphors are clean, consistent, and appropriate.

The factual content is timely, fascinating, and important, but, for an attentive reader/writer, it is a master lesson in craft.

Ian Frazier: Hurricane Sandy and the Future of Staten Island : The New Yorker.

Blue Mesa Review – A Literary Magazine » Online Issue #26

Here’s an online literary magazine I discovered today. Enjoy!

Blue Mesa Review – A Literary Magazine » Online Issue #26.


You May Have Something for Victoria Sanders, An Agent for Adult Fiction

I don’t have anything for this agent, whose Twitter feed appeared as a suggestion in my email today, but you might. She is accepting submissions. Zip over to her site to see what she is looking for.

Victoria Sanders.