Bookmark Kids’ Writer Daily Update

Here’s an online newspaper for writers of books for children and young adults. It updates itself every day from my special Twitter list of agents, editors, and famous authors. Today’s issue includes new agents representing children’s books, helpful hints, and industry updates. There is also an archive, if you want to check past issues.

You can even create a paper of your own. It’s the most convenient way to catch relevant information from the captivating stream of information on social media sites.

To take a look, click on the link below.

Kids’ Writer Daily Update.

Help for Your New Year’s Submission Resolutions

I use Query Tracker. (I have a subscription, but there is a free version.)

I have not heard of Duotrope, but I gather that many writers use it and are happy with it. Starting in January, you will need a subscription. I suspect that many sites that have been free will be adopting this model soon.

The blog post below is the first in a series evaluating whether or not the $50 annual toll will be worth the return. In this first installment, Nathaniel Tower includes a useful Excel template for tracking submissions.

Is a Duotrope Subscription Worth the Cost? Part One: The Submissions Tracker ¬ę Write, Juggle, Run.

The Instagram Uprising is Just a Shot Across the Bow: Hello–Companies Are in this to Make Money

Here’s a warning that free services are not really free. You are paying for publicity, publication, storage, and more when you contribute anything online. Considering that these perks have real value, it is still worthwhile to post content of all sorts, but you should be aware that any of these sites can change their terms of service at any time. Be careful when posting recognizable photos of anyone, anywhere and think twice before using “free” cloud storage or exchange sites for potentially valuable original text. They might be okay, but I prefer external drives.

The Instagram Flap | Nathan Bransford, Author.