Don’t Tweet that Query!

Read this, if you are tempted to pitch your book to an editor on Twiiter (unless it is a special Twitter event AND you have done your homework about said event.)

Dr. Syntax: Tweet Not Your Query, Author, or, Why I Don’t Read the Slush Pile Anymore.

Build an Online Presence Without Annoying Everyone

Here’s an interesting post about the uses of social media for authors. I agree with some and not others. What do you think?

Anne R. Allen’s Blog: 12 Social Media Mistakes for Authors to Avoid.

Announcement – Poetry Contest

If you like contests, here’s one for you.

Note: there is a small entry fee, and you must submit by mail.

Be sure to read and follow all instructions when submitting anything anywhere.

The blog in which this post appears is interesting, too. It hosts ongoing challenges and is the center of a lively community.

Announcement – Poetry Contest.



Jane Yolen Revises One of Her Daily Poems

Today, I am featuring an entry from Jane Yolen’s journal. It follows her revision process as she works on a recent poem.

Jane Yolen — Author of children’s books, fantasy, and science fiction, including Owl Moon, The Devil’s Arithmetic, and How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? » Telling the True.

Blue Mesa Review – A Literary Magazine » Online Issue #26

Here’s an online literary magazine I discovered today. Enjoy!

Blue Mesa Review – A Literary Magazine » Online Issue #26.


Welcome to the Wattpad Workshop Series. | Wattpad Insider

If you are looking for inspiration and online writing friends, here’s a free workshop series (a new challenge every Monday, along with an archive of previous workshops) and a supportive forum where resulting writing is shared. If you’d like to take a creative writing class, but there is none nearby or your schedule precludes regular attendance, this could be perfect for you.

Take a look. The link is below.

Welcome to the Wattpad Workshop Series. | Wattpad Insider.

Watch, or Create, a Webinar

For those who enjoy Webinars, here’s a site that offers instruction for writers of children’s fiction.

Angela Morrison.

If you are an author and presenter, this site is an example of stellar marketing. Notice that she offers each Webinar free for 24 hours. After, that it is available for purchase. Note also the endorsements and the pitch on the page. It’s short, to the point, and very effective. The page layout is clean and simple. Even the author’s picture is good. It isn’t arty, but notice how she makes warm contact with the viewer. You can do this, too.

Daily News from Poets & Writers

Poets and Writers is a great organization for literary workers. I learned about the market for literary short stories and poetry through Coda, their original newsletter. Without them, I would not have had my poems published in such fine journals. I am proud to be included in their juried list.

You do not have to be listed, however, to receive Poets and Writers, their current magazine, or to access the many excellent resources on their site. Here’s their news page. If you are a poet, bookmark it and visit often. Also, check out their market listings. Fall is a great time to submit work.

Daily News from Poets & Writers.

Guest Post: The Pros and Cons of Using Twitter for Online Marketing

Use Twitter to promote your new book and yourself as a writer. It’s easy and fun. Avoid pitfalls by reading this informative post.

Guest Post: The Pros and Cons of Using Twitter for Online Marketing.