A New Approach to Motivation and Planning for Creative People

If you’re like me, planning can be a problem. Here’s an interesting alternative approach for creative people. I haven’t tried it, but it may be worth a look. (It’s also an example of an effective marketing strategy.)

Click on the link if it sounds appealing for one reason or another.

Motivation Wizard for the Fractal Planner.

Free Templates | Scrivener Writer

I have transferred two novels to Scrivener so far. If you are doing this too, you might want to look at these templates.

Free Templates | Scrivener Writer.

I must say I love the simple interface. I haven’t learned how to import web pages yet, but just being able to see the layout and dividing each chapter into scenes has been helpful. I can see that it’s going to make a huge consolidation and rewrite project feasible.

One Writer’s Review of the Software Scrivener

Here’s another look at that writing program you’ve been hearing about (well, I’ve been hearing about it.) If you are thinking of picking up Scrivener before NaNoWriMo, here’s a rave from another writer.

Scrivener – A review. « V. Kathryn Evans.