Learning the Art of Description from Elegant Nonfiction

I am reading the following article in The New Yorker. It brings Sandy’s aftermath on Staten Island into sharp focus. It is worth study by any writer struggling with descriptions of ┬ápeople, places, or events. Details are spare and perfectly selected. Similes and metaphors are clean, consistent, and appropriate.

The factual content is timely, fascinating, and important, but, for an attentive reader/writer, it is a master lesson in craft.

Ian Frazier: Hurricane Sandy and the Future of Staten Island : The New Yorker.

The Millions : Finding True Love, Finding a Literary Agent

In the Query Tracker newsletter, I found a link to this wonderful account of another writer’s quest for an agent. By the way, if you do not already subscribe to Query Tracker, I recommend it!

The Millions : Finding True Love, Finding a Literary Agent.