#AprilPrompts – Day 4 – Sin – #Haiku – #NaPoWriMo | Donna L Sadd

Okay, with this one, I am caught up for Day 4. Whew! Donna L. Sadd asks us to write a poem about sin. Wow, that lady can come up with them, can’t she? If you want to read the contributions of her community and/or write one of your own, here’s the link:

#AprilPrompts – Day 4 – Sin – #Haiku – #NaPoWriMo | Donna L Sadd.

Here’s mine:


It was original,

there right from

the start, embedded

in clay scooped

from the creekbed

in Eden’s garden,

that inability

to resist the temptation

to defy authority,

do the denied, and

then lie, covering

everything up with

strategic leaves,

making alternative

arrangements as

the Creator laughed

softly behind His

hand, pretending

to be angry, sending

his charges out

into the rest

of the world to be

the restless souls

He had always



Write a “The Truth About ________” Poem (Day 24 PAD Challenge)

For today, the prompt is provocative. Fill in the blank to create your title: The Truth About ____________.

Click on the link to read all the responses and then add your own.

2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 24 | The Truth About Poetry | WritersDigest.com.

Here’s mine:

The Truth About Art

It is a field

without a road

a forest

without a path

the vastness

of a rolling

sea. Though

many have gone

this way before,

none has passed

this particular

way. Though

many can help

with packing

and advice

none can come

along all

the way.

It is a journey

without an

end, a quest

for a cup

that can never

be held

in a hand.