Hone the Pitch for Your Picture Book

Read pitches by other children’s book writers, submit your own, or just follow along to learn more about the fine art of catching an agent’s eye. There is a contest too.

Susanna Leonard Hill: Would You Read It Wednesday #78 – Oakley’s Keys (PB) AND The Prize For The In Just Spring Contest!.


Read an Interview with Paul O. Zelinsky

Picture people, here’s an interview with award-winning illustrator Paul O. Zelinsky.

Paul O. Zelinsky Talks with Roger — The Horn Book.

Twelve Picture Books in Twelve Months

If you are a picture book writer, you may be interested in this exciting community. It isn’t free, but it isn’t expensive either, and it offers the benefits of support, motivation, and information. I am going to sign up!

Information for 2013 | JulieHedlund.com.

Make a Dummy to Perfect Your Picture Book Manuscript

If you have a list of ideas for picture books and are wondering what to do next, or if you have a picture book manuscript that has been rejected, here’s an excellent article about making a picture book dummy. It will help you check your structure and correct common problems.

Post-PiBoIdMo Day 4: Wendy Martin Makes a Dummy « Writing for Kids (While Raising Them).

Make a Story Map to Unearth Buried Memories

Click on the link below for a terrific method to generate story ideas. It works best for children’s books, but it could work for adult trade authors too. It’s simple, fun, and very effective! I encountered it on the Picture Book Idea Month Facebook page.


450+ Things That Kids Like « Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

If you write books for kids, here’s a list you won’t want to be without. It is sure to inspire a million ideas (and memories). It’s from author and Picture Book Idea Month maven Tara Lazar.

450+ Things That Kids Like « Writing for Kids (While Raising Them).

Find Out About What’s Out

Cruise around the world of recent books for children at this excellent review site. The link below leads to a sensitive and complete review of a picture book, Toot and Puddle. Use the easy navigation tools to find reviews and news about early readers, chapter books, middle grade books, and YAs.


What Does it Really Take to Get a Picture Book Published?

Find out how a new picture book, Flap, came to be in this interview by Laura Miller.

Meet Alison Kipnis Hertz, Author of Flap! « Laura Miller (a.k.a. Grandmamiller).

PiBoIdMo Day 7: Every Day Tammi Sauer is Structurin’ « Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

Here are some hints about structure and plot from picture book author Tammi Sauer. Most articles about plotting are for novelists. Actually, the basic advice isn’t that much different. There are, of course, fewer characters and no subplots.

PiBoIdMo Day 7: Every Day Tammi Sauer is Structurin’ « Writing for Kids (While Raising Them).

Interview with Linda Arms White, Picture Book Author

What makes a picture book timeless? Here’s an interview with Linda Arms White with some answers.

Linda Arms White: November 12 x 12 Featured Author | JulieHedlund.com.