#AprilPrompts – Day 11 – THRILLER | Donna L Sadd

Maria Slavona [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Here’s a Day 11 prompt on Donna L. Sadd’s blog. I don’t know why it says Day 9. I’m sure there’s a reason. I’m often confused.

#AprilPrompts – Day 9 – THRILLER | Donna L Sadd.

Here’s a contribution:


She has retreated

to a basement

where there is

no back door

and the grimy

window is too high

to reach, and the

skulls of previous

victims crunch

slightly under

her feet. She shares

a dark corner with

a rather large  spider,

a snake of indeterminate

toxicity, and a few

odd mice. Then,


down the steps,

a shaft of light…

Donna L Sadd

Day 10, Donna L. Sadd’s Prompt: Write a Poem About Heart

By Jerry “Woody” from Edmonton, Canada [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons
Today’s prompt on Donna Sadd’s blog is to write a poem about heart. Here’s mine:

The token

in my story

was going to be

a golden heart,

until I heard

every book

crossing the desk

centered on

that symbol

of life and love,

so I decided

to move a beat

further into

another constant

of life: change.

Are Muses Just for Men?

Here is another Poetry month daily prompt site.  It is from Donna L. Sadd. Her suggestion today is to write a poem about the muse.

Well, mine is strange. When it comes to mythology, I can’t help considering the thoughts of Jung. Early poets and artists were usually men, and the muses are female all three or nine of them. (Often, real women filled those roles for artists, Sometimes, they even did some of the work and didn’t get credit for it.) I wonder whether the concept of a muse applies to female writers. Certainly, every artist enters the realm of something Freud called the unconscious, when time disappears and something else takes over. For me, this is a place/space rather than a person. Your thoughts?

#AprilPrompts – Day 2 – Muse – #NaPoWriMo | Donna L Sadd.





side of men,


daughter of



of memory,

and Zeus,

master of Olympus,

or a group


by Osiris

to seed


in its wake,

one and many,

on the wings

of their pet


they pull an

alternate progeny,

children of

image and

story, to rival


of blood.

A “New Arrival” Poem for Day 1 of Poetry Month, 2013


Today is the first day of National Poetry Month! Today’s prompt on Robert Brewer’s blog asks for a “New Arrival” poem. Visit the link below to post your own. Mine is below.

2013 April PAD Challenge: Day 1 | Write a Poem a Day Until May | WritersDigest.com.



on spare branches

against storm-darkened

sky, tiny

leaves glow,

immortal green,

on globe willows;

not there


dusty next week,

they spring

from nowhere,

expected but


miraculous as morning

or the word


Write a Poem about Architecture

You still have a day to write a poem about architecture on David L. Harrison’s blog.  There are some wonderful contributions. Take time to read them. You will be inspired.

Adult “W.O.M.” Poems | Children’s Author David L. Harrison’s Blog.

Write an If I Were… Poem

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 205 | If I Were Happy Poem | Poems | WritersDigest.com.

It’s Wednesday on Robert Brewer’s blog. Today, fill in the blank in this phrase and make it your title: If I were…

Read the responses and add your own.

Here’s mine:

If I Were an Eagle

If I were an eagle,

I’d angle my wings

and slowly circle

over the frozen lake,

watching for an unwary

rabbit venturing out

across an unmarked

patch of snow. I’d

pass the cottonwood

aerie where I was raised

with my brother

and not wonder where

he had gone. I’d own

only the brittle winter

sky and a bare branch

with a hungry view.

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 202 | Fictionalized True Event Poem | WritersDigest.com

Today’s challenge on Robert Brewer’s blog is to write a poem that fictionalizes a true event. �If you want to give it a try, click on the link.

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 202 | Fictionalized True Event Poem | WritersDigest.com.

Here’s mine:

Going Home

On the bus

from my new

home to my

old one,

to catch

a last smile

from my

dying father,

I looked

out the window

at a familiar

pass shrouded

in forest fire

smoke, but

off to the right,

there was a

clearing, unseasonably

green and glowing,

like one of his

paintings and I

knew he was

finally home.

Linda Armstrong, 12/19/12. All rights reserved.

via Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 202 | Fictionalized True Event Poem | WritersDigest.com.

2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 3 | Scary Poems | WritersDigest.com

In going back through my poems to create a chapbook manuscript, I find that I did not start posting them to this blog until well into the month. To make it handier for me, as well as sharing these great prompts with you, I will put up the missing ones as I find them. They may be in no particular order. This one is a “poem that scares you.”

The link below will take you to responses from other poets on Mr. Brewer’s site.

2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 3 | Scary Poems | WritersDigest.com.

Mine addresses the vagueness of things so many of us fear.

The Terror

It had not

taken form

and remained

a threat

without outline

in thin light

between night

and dawn.

Some sensed

it, an off scent

in the air

an odd buzz

in the near


and their efforts

to reason

with their pounding

hearts were

driving them

mad. It was

not easy

as once

it had been

and something


was coming



A Three Wishes Poem

I enjoyed my day off writing. I spent it sorting out photos on one of my drives. I have many duplicates and a number of duds. Time away makes many things clear.
This morning a poem arrived in my email from a Linked In contact, Marek Wysoczynski. It was a Three Wishes poem.
Every year when I was teaching, I did a Wishes poem with my students, and it always produced great results.
This morning, then, write a Three Wishes Poem, a poem about wishes, or a poem cataloging every wild wish you can think of.
Here’s mine:

Three Wishes

I am five
beside a
shallow well
at a garden
where my
parents walk.
I step up
to the edge
holding three
bright copper
pennies, small
works of art
that could buy
waxed lips
or bubble gum
at the corner
store, but
I want more.
I want a carriage
for my dolls
to push them
down the sidewalk
so everyone
can see how
grown-up I am.
I want skates
so I can keep up
with my friend Jill.
I want a cuckoo clock
like the lady
across the street
who marks each
hour with magic.
Eyelids clenched,
I drop each penny in
imagining how
that single wish,
if fulfilled,
will make me
happy forever
and ever.
I am five
standing beside
a shallow well.

Linda Armstrong, 12/2/12. All rights reserved.

2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 6 | Left or Right Poem | WritersDigest.com

There are two related prompts for today’s Poem a Day Challenge at Brewer’s Poetic Asides blog. You can write about “right” or “left.” I wrote about being left-handed.

If you submit your poem on the blog, write it first in a word processing program, then paste it in. The blog is so busy you get a “you are posting too fast, slow down” message. If you get this, use the backspace on your browser and keep submitting until it goes through–usually on the third or fourth click. You don’t have to post to participate in the challenge. You can read everybody else’s for inspiration and just keep your own file at home. You will still be eligible to submit your finished book (20 poems) in December.

2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 6 | Left or Right Poem | WritersDigest.com.

Here’s mine:

The teller
filled out
my withdrawal
slip writing
as I do
and upside down
I asked her about
the inevitable bump
on her middle
finger and
whether she was
an artist. She
said she drew
but wasn’t
great and I
admitted to being
no Leonardo. Then
I took my money
and she said
she had never met
another person
who wrote like
her, and that
remains true
of us both.