Revising for Structure

When I finish the dummy for my current picture book project, I’m going to dig back into my magical realism middle grade novel.

Here’s an amazing post that came in an e-newsletter today. It’s perfect and I know it will help me. If you’re revising your NaNoWriMo magnum opus, it might help you too.

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Make Rewriting Fun: Make Friends with Grammar Girl

If you don’t know about Grammar Girl, make friends! What a great resource for writers!

Grammar Girl :: Quick and Dirty Tips ™.

Don’t Let Agents, Editors, or Readers Stop After Your First Pages!

Check your opening and make sure these two reasons do not apply.

Top 2 Reasons Why I Pass On Sample Pages – Nelson Literary Agency.

Insights on Revision from Successful Authors

If you are revising a book, don’t miss this series of author interviews.

Revision Week: Matthew J. Kirby |

Put Forth Your Very Best: Revise

Thoughts on revision. You are not alone. It is depressing. It is, however, (in most cases) what separates authors from hobby scribblers. By the way, this is an excellent blog for YA writers.

WOW Wednesday: S.T. Underdahl on Revising When Your Head and Your Heart Agree.

QueryTracker Blog

Sometimes, a book needs more than copyediting. Characters must be dropped and others added. The plot must be cleaned and directed, or perhaps, levels of complexity must be added. Often, the threat or adverse force must be strengthened so the hero has a tougher challenge. Here’s an article about the art of the complete rewrite.

QueryTracker Blog.

How to Deal With Revision Fatigue | Nathan Bransford, Author

How to Deal With Revision Fatigue | Nathan Bransford, Author.

Are you sick of revising your book? Good news! It happens to everybody.

Brooklyn Arden: The Editorial Process, Step by Step

Brooklyn Arden: The Editorial Process, Step by Step.

If you are ready to revise your work, read this helpful, witty, and honest little essay first. It applies to all kinds of writing.