Draw Readers to Your Books with an Author Brand

Today, the Bestseller Labs blog features seven great ways to build an author brand. If you think about how often you buy the next book by an author you love, you will know this is true! Click on the link below to read the post.

How To Attract Readers By Creating A ‘Lighthouse’ Author Brand | Bestseller Labs.

(By the way, One Way to Wonder features links to dozens of useful articles for writers. Click on the Word Cloud to choose a topic.)


The Instagram Uprising is Just a Shot Across the Bow: Hello–Companies Are in this to Make Money

Here’s a warning that free services are not really free. You are paying for publicity, publication, storage, and more when you contribute anything online. Considering that these perks have real value, it is still worthwhile to post content of all sorts, but you should be aware that any of these sites can change their terms of service at any time. Be careful when posting recognizable photos of anyone, anywhere and think twice before using “free” cloud storage or exchange sites for potentially valuable original text. They might be okay, but I prefer external drives.

The Instagram Flap | Nathan Bransford, Author.

Meet Robyn Hood Black, Writer & Literary Artist | JulieHedlund.com

Art and letters join together in Robyn Hood’s Etsy shop. If you write and do crafts too, take a look.

Meet Robyn Hood Black, Writer & Literary Artist | JulieHedlund.com.

Create Poetry Postcards or Greeting Cards Like These

Broadsides: Home: Zazzle.com Store

Use Zazzle to create original poetry trading cards or photo cards for your next poetry reading or for your writing club. Here are mine. You can change the pictures and poems to make them your own, or just use them for samples and create your own from scratch.

Zazzle does great work! I’d love to see a group of poets based there.

Broadsides: Home: Zazzle.com Store.


Here’s a great place to promote your book. Take a look. It’s easy and has many features. Now you can add book trailers from YouTube!

Don’t forget to tie sites like this to your blog and Facebook.