What Small Press Editors Want and Why You Should Care

Here’s a great insight into the process of a small press editor. Much of this holds for any kind of manuscript submission. It also applies to readers, if you are selling to them directly.

What Editors Want; A Must-Read for Writers Submitting to Literary Magazines | The Review Review.


Visit the Literary Magazines Database at Poets and Writers

If you write poetry or short stories, you should check out the Literary Magazines Database on the Poets and Writers site. Here’s an example of a possible publisher for your work.

The Faircloth Review | Literary Magazines Database | Poets & Writers.

Submission Guidelines for CICADA magazine for teens ages 14+

Cicada is another magazine market for literary YA short stories.  It is part of the Cricket Magazine group.

As always, read the guidelines carefully before submitting your work.

Submission Guidelines for CICADA magazine for teens ages 14+.

A New Short Story Magazine for Young Adults

If you have written a short story for teens, you will notice that there are not many magazine markets.

The link below will help you submit to a new YA literary magazine, “One Teen Story.”

Important note: editors will not accept submissions until January, 2013.

One Teen Story – Submit.

If you know a teen who loves to read, this could be a special holiday gift.

Daily News from Poets & Writers

Poets and Writers is a great organization for literary workers. I learned about the market for literary short stories and poetry through Coda, their original newsletter. Without them, I would not have had my poems published in such fine journals. I am proud to be included in their juried list.

You do not have to be listed, however, to receive Poets and Writers, their current magazine, or to access the many excellent resources on their site. Here’s their news page. If you are a poet, bookmark it and visit often. Also, check out their market listings. Fall is a great time to submit work.

Daily News from Poets & Writers.

“A Few Words About Short Stories,” Augusto Monterroso | lasesana

Some of us write novels and others write short stories. Here’s an excellent post about the differences between these two forms of fiction.

“A Few Words About Short Stories,” Augusto Monterroso | lasesana.