Prologue in Fiction | The Editor’s Blog

From an editor, here’s a well-thought-out post on the pros and cons of prologues from a contemporary point of view. It starts with the pros. which, if you have used one, you already know. Keep reading. You may need yours, but you do need to know why they are less common in contemporary fiction than in works written 30, 40, 0r 50 years ago.

Prologue in Fiction | The Editor’s Blog.


Use Find and Replace to Clean Up Your Prose

Improve your writing style with the Find tool in your word processing program. Set it to look for each of these words. Examine the sentences and eliminate any extra baggage. The difference will amaze you.

Four Words That are Killing Your Prose.

Ratchet Up Your Writing by Studying Poetry

I have written poetry since I was a child, but I know that many authors have never explored the medium. It offers important lessons for any writer. Besides, it’s fun.

What Poetry Teaches Us about Writing Prose.

The Importance of Voice in Picture Books

Voice is crucial in novels, but many people don’t realize that it is just as important in picture books. Here is a great introduction to voice. The rest of the blog is great too.

WRITING PICTURE BOOKS « George Shannon – Children’s Author.

Instant Style Fixes with Find and Replace

There’s editing magic hidden in your word processing program. It’s find and replace.

Click on the link to find out how it can jump-start your revision process.

5 Easy Writing Fixes: Beauty of Search & Replace for Writers.

From Jen’s Pen…: #PiBoIdMo & #SkADaMo Week 1 – Mad Woman On A Mission

For picture book writers and illustrators, here’s a great post about one artist’s quest to find her personal style. It includes some ideas that worked for her, and some may work for you too.

From Jen’s Pen…: #PiBoIdMo & #SkADaMo Week 1 – Mad Woman On A Mission.

Story Showing: Thoughts on Writing a Page Turner | Briar DeHaven

We have all heard the adage “show don’t tell.” In this fantastic post, Briar DeHaven explains what that means.

Story Showing: Thoughts on Writing a Page Turner | Briar DeHaven.