Draw Readers to Your Books with an Author Brand

Today, the Bestseller Labs blog features seven great ways to build an author brand. If you think about how often you buy the next book by an author you love, you will know this is true! Click on the link below to read the post.

How To Attract Readers By Creating A ‘Lighthouse’ Author Brand | Bestseller Labs.

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Top 20 Middle Grade Fiction Agents: 83 Sales — Fiction Notes

My goal for this month is to complete and revise a middle grade novel I have been pegging away at for several years on NaNoWriMo. To that end, I am compiling a list of agents to research. During 2012, I attended four writer’s conferences and met a number of wonderful author’s representatives. I am keeping track of them and have several favorites. I know from past experience with publishers, however, that first contacts do not always work out, so I am expanding my research online.

This morning, I found this helpful list from earlier this year.

Top 20 Middle Grade Fiction Agents: 83 Sales — Fiction Notes.

Author ‘Snicket’s’ fortunate career – SFGate

This morning, before heading off to shower and then getting to work on my various challenges, I’d like to share an excellent interview with the author of the smash-hit Lemony Snicket series.

Author ‘Snicket’s’ fortunate career – SFGate.