Editing Manuscripts to Make Them Sing

Editing Manuscripts to Make Them Sing

Ready to edit your books from NaNoWriMo or just one you’ve had in a drawer for a while? Here are some terrific ideas from The Write Practice blog.

If You Ever Hit a Wall With Your Writing, This is For You

Here’s a great post from The Write Practice blog to help relight your writing pilot light, especially if you are a professional with deadlines.

How to Fall In Love With Writing Again.

Effective Ways to End Your Book or Story

So, the ending of your book isn’t working and you don’t know what to do. This post from veteran author Rob Sanders might be just what you need.

Click on the link below:

Picture This!: Effective Endings.

From Jen’s Pen…: #PiBoIdMo & #SkADaMo Week 1 – Mad Woman On A Mission

For picture book writers and illustrators, here’s a great post about one artist’s quest to find her personal style. It includes some ideas that worked for her, and some may work for you too.

From Jen’s Pen…: #PiBoIdMo & #SkADaMo Week 1 – Mad Woman On A Mission.


QueryTracker Blog: Learning to Love the Pitch

If you are a writer and you want people to read your work, sooner or later you are going to have to pitch it. Many of us writers are shy and reclusive. We like to work alone for hours. We like the company of our imaginary friends. Sending our work out to people who may not like it is daunting, but it must be done. Click on the link below for a great blog post about the problem and suggestions for solving it.

QueryTracker Blog: Learning to Love the Pitch.