A Magical Blog For Picture Book Writers

I just found this beautiful blog by author/illustrator Kelsey Lecky. She gave a wonderful presentation for SCBWI Carolinas in January. Watch for her wonderful books and if you see her featured at a conference, especially online, attend if you can.


Editing Manuscripts to Make Them Sing

Editing Manuscripts to Make Them Sing

Ready to edit your books from NaNoWriMo or just one you’ve had in a drawer for a while? Here are some terrific ideas from The Write Practice blog.

Storytelling Basics: Tragedy

Here’s another in a terrific series of posts summarizing basic plots on The Write Practice blog. For a quick review of the bottom line of storytelling, take an hour or so and review the basic plots covered on the site. It may save you years of learning the hard way.

The 7 Basic Plots: Tragedy.

Motivation (For Your Characters, That Is)

From Nancy Kress and WritersDigest.com, a great article about motivating your characters!

4 Ways to Motivate Characters and Plot | WritersDigest.com.

Oops! There’s Nothing Wrong with Your Character

I am sharing this here because I want to be able to find it again myself. It is a great chart of facinating flaws for story people.

123 Ideas for Character Flaws – Writers Write.

QueryTracker Blog: Villains: The Guys You Love To Hate

If your story had been called “slight” or you have writer’s block, take a good hard look at the opposition you have set up for your main character. Villains are important. If your character wants something, and nobody stands in his way, where’s the story? The more powerful the opposition, the better the tale. For more information about this vital element in your story, read today’s article from the Query Tracker blog.

QueryTracker Blog: Villains: The Guys You Love To Hate.