From Editor and Author Cheryl Klein: A Plot Checklist for Revision

I’m putting together materials for our local SCBWI group’s April Revision Workshop. One of my favorite revision gurus is Cheryl Klein. If you don’t already have it, pick up a copy of Second Sight: An Editor’s Talks on Writing, Revising, & Publishing Books for Children and Young Adults. Until it arrives, or even if you already have it, download this helpful plot checklist. The site even has a Word template! ยป Plot Checklist.


Fantasy Elements in Realistic Novels

I am writing a contemporary middle grade fantasy that includes many very realistic elements, including a real-world contemporary problem that is resolved in the end. The following blog post addresses a different sort of fantasy/reality mix.

Take a look at this inspiring and practical advice by clicking on the link below.

4 Techniques To Mix Fantasy With Realism.

The Contrary, Heavenly, and Cardinal Virtues

If you are looking for a theme in your book (if it’s a story, there is one), check out this interesting site. It lists the seven deadly sins, too. Add exaggeration (the most _______ in the world), and these qualities can help you create a powerful character.

The Contrary, Heavenly, and Cardinal Virtues.

WILD ABOUT WORDS: Vote for your Favorite Election-themed Kids’ Book

Librarians, teachers, and writers for children, if you are planning an election-themed story hour, here are some books you might want to include.

WILD ABOUT WORDS: Vote for your Favorite Election-themed Kids’ Book.