Don’t Tweet that Query!

Read this, if you are tempted to pitch your book to an editor on Twiiter (unless it is a special Twitter event AND you have done your homework about said event.)

Dr. Syntax: Tweet Not Your Query, Author, or, Why I Don’t Read the Slush Pile Anymore.

To Be a Successful Author, Use Social Media Wisely

I met this author on Twitter this morning. He offers amazing practical advice for writers. This post is about avoiding social media trainwrecks and it is a must-read for newbies to the social media scene. It’s good for veterans, too.

Take a look at this post, and the rest of his excellent blog by clicking on the link below.

The Social Media ‘Train Wreck’ That All Authors Must Avoid | Bestseller Labs.


Build an Online Presence Without Annoying Everyone

Here’s an interesting post about the uses of social media for authors. I agree with some and not others. What do you think?

Anne R. Allen’s Blog: 12 Social Media Mistakes for Authors to Avoid.

Short and Sweet Writing Advice from an Industry Pro

Julie Hedund spotted this great post from Nathan Bransford. It’s a collection of his Tweets offering pithy writing advice.

Click below and enjoy!

Writing Advice in Tweet Form | Nathan Bransford, Author.

From Suite101, 100 Twitter Hashtags for Writers

Harness the power of Twitter to take your writing to the next level.

Click on the link below. I’m bookmarking it. You might too.

100 Twitter Hashtags Every Writer Should Know | Suite101.

Guest Post: The Pros and Cons of Using Twitter for Online Marketing

Use Twitter to promote your new book and yourself as a writer. It’s easy and fun. Avoid pitfalls by reading this informative post.

Guest Post: The Pros and Cons of Using Twitter for Online Marketing.