The Importance of Voice in Picture Books

Voice is crucial in novels, but many people don’t realize that it is just as important in picture books. Here is a great introduction to voice. The rest of the blog is great too.

WRITING PICTURE BOOKS « George Shannon – Children’s Author.

An Interview with Literary Agent Rachel Orr

Here’s an interview with another literary agent who represents writers of books for children. I’ve heard through the virtual grapevine that she gives great presentations about that elusive quality, voice, at writers conferences. If you get a chance to hear her, take advantage.

In this post, she talks about some special picture books and why she finds them special.

Coffee & Conversation with Rachel Orr! « As the Eraser Burns.

From Jen’s Pen…: #PiBoIdMo & #SkADaMo Week 1 – Mad Woman On A Mission

For picture book writers and illustrators, here’s a great post about one artist’s quest to find her personal style. It includes some ideas that worked for her, and some may work for you too.

From Jen’s Pen…: #PiBoIdMo & #SkADaMo Week 1 – Mad Woman On A Mission.


Here’s a loosening up guide I wrote for artists. With a little imagination, its principles apply to writers too. Its purpose is to give creators permission to access original material by temporarily suspending judgment.

A spiritual teacher once advised students to “work, but let go of the results.”

The free online guide will help you understand what this means. Click on the link. Each set of exercises is short, but they might help you find the work you are to do that nobody else can do–work that is not “like” someone else’s. Sound scary? It is, sort of, but you will astonish yourself.