A Great Blog Post About Creativity

The High Existence Blog offers great resources for creators. Click on the link below to read the post. It will help you get going and keep working.

If You Ever Hit a Wall With Your Writing, This is For You

Here’s a great post from The Write Practice blog to help relight your writing pilot light, especially if you are a professional with deadlines.

How to Fall In Love With Writing Again.

From Jonathan Gunson: How to Stop Fiddling and Finish That Book

Here’s some great advice about overcoming fear and rediscovering the joy of writing.

How To Beat Writer’s Block Forever | Bestseller Labs.

The 2013 Chapter Book Challenge is in March

If you are working on a novel for children as I am, NaNo WriMo might not exactly fit your needs. This one is especially timely for me. I will be coming off a month of writing a picture book draft a day in February. (Okay, well, one a day sometimes and five in a day to catch up. Did I say they were good? Um, no, at least not at this point.)

March will be different. I want to finish a novel I have been working on for years and this challenge is perfect. Finishing it should just take a couple of weeks. I am very close. That will give me some time for edits I have marked. I know I shouldn’t do this, but I have been editing as I go, so when I finish at the end of March , I hope it will be ready to go. I plan to refine my pitch at an SCBWI regional mini-workshop. I am saying this now to commit myself to it.

If you want to finish or draft a book, click below. What do you have to lose? I have met some amazing people through these challenges.

Chapter Book Challenge: Line-up of authors, agents and publishers guest posting for 2013’s ChaBooCha.


Advice for Writers who are Stuck

If you need to get unstuck in the middle of writing November, here’s some simple, but effective advice.

AdviceToWriters – Advice to Writers – The Answer is to Write.

No Motivation to Write? 10 Ways to Write More Words Than You Can Edit : Quips and Tips for Successful Writers

Sometimes each of us slams up against a writing wall. Then, the house needs to be cleaned. Office supply shopping sounds like great fun, and a ten mile hike in the rain is irresistible. Click on the link for some great ways to get back on track.

No Motivation to Write? 10 Ways to Write More Words Than You Can Edit : Quips and Tips for Successful Writers.

Finding one’s voice | Nomad War Machine

Finding one’s voice | Nomad War Machine.

In this post Nomad War Machine (love it) quotes a poem by Sir Philip Sidney about writer’s block. Can you believe they had it back in the 16th century? The last line is the keeper, of course, “look into thy heart and write,” but right now “sunburned brain” resonates as much.