About the Third Person Objective POV

Find out about the third person objective. It’s probably not a good choice if you are not writing a screenplay, but if you are curious about it, here’s a good introduction with suggestions for making it work.

re: What’s the Beef with Third Person Objective POV? | DearEditor.com.


Literary Rambles: Agent Spotlight: Kate Schafer Testerman

I met Kate Testerman at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference. She is actively seeking clients. Click on the link to read about her background and interests.

Literary Rambles: Agent Spotlight: Kate Schafer Testerman.

A Free Contest for Middle Grade and YA

If your middle grade or YA novel has a pro-business theme, take a look at this opportunity! The deadline is at the end of this month. (Not for me. My ultimate bad guy is a big-time developer.)

No Fee Fiction Writing Contest with Cash and Contract – MG to Adult | Writing and Illustrating.

Put Forth Your Very Best: Revise

Thoughts on revision. You are not alone. It is depressing. It is, however, (in most cases) what separates authors from hobby scribblers. By the way, this is an excellent blog for YA writers.

WOW Wednesday: S.T. Underdahl on Revising When Your Head and Your Heart Agree.

Submission Guidelines for CICADA magazine for teens ages 14+

Cicada is another magazine market for literary YA short stories.  It is part of the Cricket Magazine group.

As always, read the guidelines carefully before submitting your work.

Submission Guidelines for CICADA magazine for teens ages 14+.

A New Short Story Magazine for Young Adults

If you have written a short story for teens, you will notice that there are not many magazine markets.

The link below will help you submit to a new YA literary magazine, “One Teen Story.”

Important note: editors will not accept submissions until January, 2013.

One Teen Story – Submit.

If you know a teen who loves to read, this could be a special holiday gift.

Mitali’s Fire Escape: Andrew Karre on Editing in the “YA Boom” Era

What do you think about a new category of books–“New Adult”? It would be for ages 14-35. Here’s an article about the idea and reactions to it.

Mitali’s Fire Escape: Andrew Karre on Editing in the “YA Boom” Era.